Face your Fears!


Fears are part of everybody’s lives. There is always something that every normal person is afraid of. Oh! You are not? See…this is the problem. You do not even accept it. You are not brave enough to face it.

I am not talking about fear of spiders here! I am talking about the fears that life haunts you with. Someone is afraid of losing someone, someone is afraid of betrayals, someone is afraid of being poor, someone is afraid of hunger…. the list goes on and on. It’s a fact! We all are afraid of something. Sometimes it comes and goes but sometimes it’s settles so deep in your heart that you may never get out of it. So, you need to kick that bad boy out.

You may have heard the saying “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what it is made for”. A ship afraid of the waves and the storms can just stay at the harbor and it will be safe there. But what good that does? If you apply this in your own life then you may find that you are like such a ship.

You do not want to go out in the storms. You do not want to face the dark side. You feel so nice staying at the harbor. But guess what! This harbor is not worth staying. All your dreams, your aspirations, whatever you have planned..its out there in the storms!! So you have to turn on your engine and start moving. There is no guarantee that you won’t get hurt. There is no guarantee that you will not sink. But the picture after all this is worth everything you can give.

If you are aware of what you are really afraid of then you have already taken your first step. To punch your fear in its face, you have to face it first. That simple! You do not find yourself…You build yourself! So, kick out your fears and start building the best “you”.


“Quit quitting”


I know you people already heard this phrase several times. “Never give up” “keep trying” “failures are the key to success” You have read hundreds of posts on these kind of topics. But I dont see many people following it. So I took a moment to remind you people. Once again!

When you start doing something in order to achieve something, you end up being successful or failure. Success is what you want and failure is something that brings you closer to success. But whats the result of not doing it thinking that you cant do it? You end up being a coward. Being successful is good and being a failure is good too! (a person who fails has better chances of succeeding than a beginner) but being a quitter just proves that you are a true coward.

Failing is not a bad thing. Atleast it proves that you had the guts to step up to something. But people just dont accept failures nowadays. They will make millions of excuses to others but they wont accept their failure. I dont know what good this does. You can convince every person by your excuses but the truth will always be there inside you. You will never get over the fact that you were not good enough; no matter how much you try to convince others..and yourself!!

The only thing that you need to achieve what you want is your will. If your will is strong enough and you have that “never give up” attitude, then you will be what you want.Life is a battle and its not fair. Its you and you alone against the endless hurdles that comes in your way. The only weapon you have is the reason for which you are fighting for. If you know it than hold on to it and keep fighting.

Every successful person you see is successful because they accepted their failures and learnt from them instead of making excuses to others. The journey of life is not a joyride and it was not for them too. If they did it than why cant you? So, stop making excuses and step up. The battle has already begun!


Be True to yourself!

original_be-true-to-yourself-braceletThe world today is filled with liars. People lie…it’s in every normal being. People lie to their friends, their families, their lovers and to anyone, whenever they feel the need to. Maybe it helps them in achieving what they want to achieve. Maybe it doesn’t. Cant say for sure! But what does not help for sure is lying to yourself.

You can lie to this whole world. You can keep the whole world in darkness but you dare not do it with yourself. You can run away from the truth as much as you want but one day for sure it will come back and knock you down and out. You can turn away from reality but you can never ignore it. Face the truth.

Their is no rocket science to it. All you have to do is to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you will get over any hurdle that comes in your path. Man up for yourself. Don’t run away from bitter reality like cowards. As it is said “life is not a fairy tale”and really it isn’t. Its up to you whether to make it one or not.


What life taught me about Friendship…

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“Best friends”, “good friends”, “just friends”, “special friends”. Friends are such a important part of our life. They encourage us, tease us, help us and sometimes teaches us some important lessons. They are like stars in the sky. A person without friends is like Dominos without pizzas…haha 😀 !

Everyone has friends. I also did…or still do (I don’t know for sure). The friends with whom I created memories for a lifetime. We used to do every sort of crazy things (most of them were insane). Good friends are not just friends! They are like family. There was a time I could not imagine a life without them. Friendship is like one of the most beautiful things that happen in our life. But “Life is not a Fairy tale”.

Not all of us are lucky enough to live with our favorite people for our whole lives. Friends get separated. But this does not effect the connections between them (this is what people told me). Yeah, some part of it is true…. but there is some truth missing. They will miss you…they will think about you…but only until the time you get replaced. This is the bitter truth about friendship. No one lasts forever. You will always be their no.1 ….only if they don’t find a replacement for you.

This is what the power of time is. It changes situations, it changes people, it changes everything. And it wont take long when you and your “best friends” will turn into facebook friends (maybe worse). Friendship is a flower which looks beautiful during every moment of its life. Take care of it until it is blooming.




You might have heard people saying “our fate is already decided”.Then what do we live for? What do we do things for? Why do we have to do anything if everything is decided by God?

Your destination doesn’t define your road! The road you choose to travel define your destination! Yeah! What you choose makes all the difference. The difference between success and failure, happiness and sadness, love and hate, heaven and hell! You hold the staring of the car you ride and you choose to travel the way you want to. Not anyone else!

Choices are just not any aspect of life; they are what makes our life what it is today. Just think about all the choices you took since last week! What if you chose something else? Where would you be right now? What if I didn’t chose to start this blog? What would I be doing right now? Its hard to say.

The things we chose in our past took us where we are right n0w! The things we choose in our present will define where we will be in future! Just forget about the destination thing and concentrate on what you want your life to be! If you decide to be something from your heart, not even God can stop you from achieving it.

Dont be a passenger…get on the driver seat and hold the staring like you own it. A man’s life is defined by the choices he make! Each and every choice you make from this very moment counts! So, choose wisely and never regret!




Stand up for yourself

Each and every person in this world have people in their lives whom they trust, love and rely on for some help if they are in trouble. They can be friends, family members, or a lover. But there comes a stage when we feel alone, when everything seem dark, everyone looks strange. I guess this situation is familiar to many people. What to do then? How to get out of that darkness?

I guess I dont have an answer for that question but dont feel bad. I know a person who can help you in such a situation- YOU. Yeah! you read it right. Its you and only you who can get yourself out of such times. Stop waiting for someone to visit you and take you out of there. No friends, no family and no lover can help you. Do whatever you have to. Only you know what is good and what is bad for you, not someone else.

Stop sitting and crying. Get up and go do whatever you want to do, whatever makes you happy, whatever your heart says! You can either make things right or make them from bad to worse. It’a your decision to take. Harden up from inside. You may have to take tough decisions but you have to trust yourself. Let go of the bad things, hold on and be patient. Things will get better in time. Dont lose trust upon yourself. One day, You will be proud of the decisions you took.4293155

Being positive vs Being realistic

Hey guys! M sure you must have heard these two simple words every now and then from people “Be Positive”. What does it mean? Ever wondered before? Some say that it means eliminate the negativity and do your work! So I have a case for them! Imagine I walk on a old weak and damaged bridge built over sea of lava. But I promise that I wont cheat! I will be positive and I wont allow any negative thoughts cross over my mind. Then maybe I will cross that bridge but what if it breaks? What if the bridge built on “positivity” between me and my destination breaks?

This is where the concept of being realistic plays part! Lets start from the beginning. I am going to cross that bridge. I will be positive but I will still consider the possibility of bridge breaking. So I will tie myself with ropes and then I will cross the bridge! What if the bridge falls now? “I am ready, bitch”.

I have personally seen some people who believe in the power of positivity! They do things with full confidence but still they fail and they never try it again. They just give up. So, being positive didn’t help them much, I guess. What happened to them? Being positive, why did they still fail?

I think people have taken the notion of being positive way too seriously. They are so much overfilled with that feeling that they dont even consider the possibilities of dangers coming up ahead. Nothing hurts you more than the failure you face from a thing you believed in. It hurts you so much that you may not even have the strength to get back up and go for it again.

So, I suggest… Be positive, yeah…that’s important! But more important is that you consider each and every possibility and prepare yourselves for that. Go in the battlefield with all tools ready 😉 . This may not be a guarantee to success but it will reduce the pain of failing. You know the next step, go for it again…and again.

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